All Power to all the People


The United Diaspora Union of Uganda (UDUU)
is made up of people of native Ugandan
origin living outside Uganda


Ugandan Immigrants


People We Helped In 2020

The United Diaspora Union of Uganda (UDUU)

As a union, Diaspora Union of Uganda is an organisation made up of members (a membership-based organisation) and its membership is made up mainly of Ugandans.

Why Join UDUU

Joining the United Diaspora Union of Uganda (UDUU) can offer several advantages to individuals within the Ugandan diaspora worldwide. Here are some potential benefits: Community and Support Network, Networking and Professional Opportunities, Cultural Preservation and Promotion, Advocacy and Representation, Knowledge and Skills Enhancement, Philanthropy and Social Impact, Access to Resources and Information, Transnational Engagement. By joining UDUU, individuals can leverage these advantages to foster personal growth, contribute to the community, and maintain strong ties with Uganda.


We envision a Uganda where democracy and freedom prevail, with dignity for all

All Power to All The People

Multiple Event & Conference

Exclusive member events. Attend a wide variety of events from major flagship speeches by political, defence and security leaders to intimate discussions with policymakers, experts and practitioners.

Help Ugandan Activists

Activists in authoritarian states face steep costs in working for democracy and human rights, and for many, their only hope to survive is to escape abroad. When survivors of state violence secure refuge in democracies, they gain the opportunity to continue their activism and express their voices in new ways. Diaspora activists, in turn, play a number of important roles in the global fight for transparency, freedom, and human dignity. Our role includes spreading awareness about regime abuses, assisting dissidents working on the ground, launching protests, pursuing justice, demanding that their host-country governments pressure sending states on issues of rights and reform, and empowering diaspora communities themselves.